China News Service, Fuzhou, July 10 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) Fifteen students from the Overseas Education College of Fujian Normal University from overseas, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other places have formed a "Telling the Chinese Story" propaganda group and will go to Fuzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, etc. Preaching and social practice are carried out in many places.

  Li Xuan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Fujian Normal University, told reporters from on the 10th that the members of the presentation group wrote presentations based on their own experiences and insights. The topics included "Community of a Shared Future for Mankind: China-Africa Friendship in My Eyes", "Hong Kong These Hundred Years", etc. , And strive to show the broad and profound Chinese culture and spread the voice of China.

  After that, the propaganda team will go to Shanghai, Zhejiang and Bamin to carry out social practice, and it is expected to carry out 30 propaganda activities.

  Chen Meien, an overseas Chinese from Vanuatu, will tell the story of China's fight against the epidemic in her eyes.

She was blocked by the epidemic and lived alone in Fuzhou. She has not been with relatives or friends for three years.

Chen Meien said that China’s anti-epidemic response was orderly, quickly restored to vitality, and friendly to foreign countries. “In the past three years, the school counselors have greeted me with cold and warm greetings, and the perseverance and true feelings in the fight against the epidemic can be seen everywhere in Guangdong and other friendly schools, which makes me very moved.” .

  Lin Xiaoyang, a college student from Hong Kong, plans to work in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area after graduation. This time he will also talk about his impressions of the Mainland and the Greater Bay Area.

He hopes to break the prejudices and prejudices of some Hong Kong youths by introducing his own experience in the mainland.

  Chen Shulei, the teacher of the preaching team, said that by telling the impression of China in the eyes of students, it helps "make the world understand China better."