Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, July 9th (Reporter Leo) Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Biden talked on the phone on the 9th to discuss issues such as combating cybercrime.

  According to a statement issued on the Kremlin website that day, the leaders of the two countries continued their dialogue on information security and the fight against cybercrime during their meeting in Geneva, Switzerland last month.

The two sides emphasized the necessity of substantive and constructive cooperation in the field of cyber security.

Regarding recent reports on a series of cyber attacks against the US or originating from Russia, Putin said that in the past month, relevant US departments have not communicated with Russia on these issues.

Russia is willing to work with the United States to jointly carry out actions to combat cybercrimes.

  Putin said that Russia and the United States should carry out long-term and professional cooperation in the field of information security, without political manipulation, and related cooperation should be carried out within the framework of bilateral legal mechanisms and in compliance with relevant provisions of international law.

  In addition, according to a statement issued by the White House, Biden asked Russia to take action against ransomware criminal gangs operating within its territory, and said that he will be committed to maintaining communication with Russia on this, and the US will take all necessary actions to protect The security of the American people and critical infrastructure.

US White House Press Secretary Psaki said on the 6th that high-level US and Russian officials will meet next week on the issue of ransomware attacks.

  In recent months, there have been many ransomware attacks against American companies.

The US software company Cassia Company was recently attacked by ransomware, and 800 to 1,500 of its client companies were affected.

Some American media reported that the attack was related to an "evil" hacker group in Russia.

  U.S.-Russian relations have continued to be tense in recent years. Since the Biden administration took office, the two sides have achieved limited cooperation in the field of arms control. However, there are obvious differences and intensified confrontation on issues such as Ukraine, cyber security, human rights, and election interference.

Biden and Putin met in Geneva on June 16, but the two sides did not achieve any major breakthroughs.

(Reporter: Liu Pinran)