China News Service, Nanning, July 9th (Yu Haiyang, Chen Xin, Liu Chengrun) "According to the notification from the superior, a factory collapsed in the resident site, and ordered our department to rush to the rescue..." On July 8, accompanied by a rush of sirens, The engineering detachment of the Mobile Detachment of the Armed Police Guangxi Corps quickly assembled, and a real-case rescue exercise kicked off in an instant.

The armed police officers and soldiers used gas detectors and leakage detectors to conduct reconnaissance inspections on the rescue site.

Photo by Yu Haiyang

  It is reported that this exercise set up more than 10 subjects, including investigation and search, rescue and rescue, and transfer of the wounded. The background of the actual case was built throughout the whole process, and the emergency rescue capabilities of the armed police officers and soldiers were comprehensively tested.

  After arriving at the scene, the search and rescue team entered the damaged building with military dogs and search and rescue equipment based on the preliminary exploration situation to confirm the location of the source of life; the roof support team used expanders and load-bearing air cushions to reinforce the dangerous parts to prevent secondary collapse; The team used demolition tools to open up rescue channels.

Armed police officers and soldiers used mobile cranes to transfer the "wounded."

Photo by Yu Haiyang

  "One trapped wounded was found in a dangerous building."

After being confirmed by the safety assessor, the officers and soldiers quickly entered the floor through a mobile crane, fixed the wounded on a life-saving stretcher for transfer, and successfully transferred the wounded to a safe area with the cooperation of the officers and soldiers.

Armed police officers and soldiers used internal combustion toothless saws to cut steel bars on rescue channels in confined spaces.

Photo by Yu Haiyang

  After the exercise, the armed police officers and soldiers immediately launched a review and discussion, and in accordance with the requirements of actual combat, investigated and analyzed the problems exposed during the exercise, and improved the rescue plan.

Armed police officers and soldiers carried out shaft rescue.

Photo by Yu Haiyang

  According to the person in charge of the mobile detachment of the Guangxi Armed Police Corps, the real rescue scene is complicated and changeable. Only when the training field is used as a battlefield and training is regarded as actual combat can we ensure that emergency situations can be handled quickly and efficiently.