China News Service, July 9th. According to the Spanish "European News" report, on the morning of July 4, local time, the Valencia Chinese Football Association held an intra-team training match for the Valencia Chinese Football Association. This is the association following the 2019 organization. After the first Valencia Chinese team played against the Spanish National Police, another important match held by the Chinese Football Association also marked the restart of the Valencia Chinese Football Association and normal operations.

  There are a total of four teams participating in the training match.

The game adopts the 7-a-side game rules. Each team competes with three other teams. The winning side gets three points, the tie gets one point, and the loss is 0 points. In the end, the first runner-up and third runner-up will be ranked according to the points game.

  Deng Wu, the executive first vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association of Valencia Region, said that the goal of the next stage of the Chinese Football Association of Valencia is to find excellent players through selection and organize a team of Chinese with considerable professionalism. And competitive football teams, participate in the local Spanish league.