• Bordeaux nightclubs reopen their doors this Friday after more than a year and a half of forced closure due to the health crisis.

  • They are worried about the unfair competition of clandestine parties bringing together several hundred people and which have multiplied during the epidemic.

  • The health authorities hope, they, that the possibility of going out in a box will push young people to be vaccinated.

Before they can let loose on the dance floor, revelers will have to show off at nightclub entrances.

The sesame to come back to let off steam will be the famous sanitary pass.

This involves either providing proof of a complete vaccination schedule (one or two doses depending on the clients' situation), or a negative screening test of less than 48 hours or a certificate of recovery after the Covid.

The TousanticovidVérif application allows professionals to scan the QR Codes presented (on the app or in paper) to verify their authenticity.

The rivalry of clandestine parties, without sanitary rules

If the health authorities hope that these measures will encourage the over 18s to be vaccinated, the owners of the discotheques expressed this Wednesday, during a meeting, of their concern vis-à-vis the unfair competition represented by clandestine parties, all the more attractive as they do not bind their participants to any health regulations. And, the organizers, in addition to evading taxation, have no gauge constraints like nightclub managers, who cannot exceed 75% of the traditional indoor capacity. They must also install hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, hide their staff and encourage them to be vaccinated.

"Friday we will play the game because we are business leaders, we were closed for a year and a half and we all want to work, as quickly and as well as possible, but next to that, ten private parties for more than 800 people are organized that evening in Bordeaux, ”deplores Laurent Danthez, manager of the nightclub Le Theatro in Bordeaux and regional representative of the national discotheques union. "We hope that special attention will be paid to go hunting for anarchic events in order to let professionals work," adds Laurent Tournier, general president of the union of trades and industries of the Hotel (UMIH) Gironde. The representative of the prefect of the Gironde assured that all the legal arsenal at her disposal was deployed to fight against this type of event,harmful in terms of health.

An impetus for vaccination for young people?

“The 18-49 year olds are still too little vaccinated, with 23% of the complete vaccination schedule in Gironde.

You will be able to help us on this subject ”, hopes Patrick Dehail, Medical Advisor to the Director General of the regional health agency of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Sandrine Jacotot, deputy mayor in charge of shops, was confident on this point: "I am absolutely not worried because I know that your reopening will motivate young people to get their first doses".

On the side of the box owners, we wonder how to force young people, considered reluctant to vaccination. "No, since we set up the vaccination for them, the 18 years and over do not belong to an age category which is resistant, they know that they have a direct benefit behind, which is that of go out and they are rather appetizing, ”says Patrick Dehail.

The medical adviser recalled that the nightclub was a high risk place: “if you have been closed for so long it is because there were reasons, international studies show that the nightclub represents the most important environment. more favorable to the contagiousness and dissemination of Sars cov2 ”.

"I hear you, these environments are perhaps more complicated than others but certainly less than uncontrolled anarchic gatherings, without any protocol, we have always said that we are the tool that allows you to control a situation that in any case escapes you ”, retorted Laurent Tournier.


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