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spread of Corona in other countries as well as us is not serious.

Japan has decided to hold the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the metropolitan area without spectators as the number of corona infections increases significantly.

Correspondent Yoo Seong-jae from Tokyo.

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Japanese government, the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the International Olympic and Paralympic Committee held a five-party discussion last night (8th) to decide the final size of the Tokyo Olympic spectators, and decided to hold the games in Tokyo without spectators. Confirmed.

[Hashimoto/Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee: I am very sorry to the ticket buyers and everyone in each region who have been waiting for the Olympics.]

Opinions of the head of the metropolitan municipality for games held outside of Tokyo, such as the marathon in Hokkaido and qualifying for some ball games The three local governments in the metropolitan area immediately decided to hold the event without spectators.

In a five-party consultation on the 21st of last month, the Japanese government decided to hold a maximum of 10,000 spectators with the lifting of Tokyo's epidemic prevention measures in mind.

However, as the number of new infections in Tokyo recently skyrocketed to around 900 a day, it was decided to issue a state of emergency in Tokyo from next Monday.

The state of emergency in Tokyo has been decided until the 22nd of next month, so almost all of the Olympic Games will be held in the Corona emergency.

Despite concerns about the spread of infection in Tokyo, the Suga administration, which has insisted on holding the event in the public domain, changed its policy at the last minute, but a political blow seems inevitable.