According to prosecutor Linda Caneus, the case is one of the largest in the country when it comes to sexual abuse of children and self-produced child pornography.

The main suspects are a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s.

It was last spring that a doctor made a report of concern concerning a child.

The police arrested a man in his 40s and after the police managed to get into the man's computer, quantities of child pornographic material were found.

Among other things, films produced by the man himself.

Woman arrested

The investigation against the man quickly became more extensive and shortly after the man was taken into custody, a woman was also arrested, also suspected of having committed serious sexual abuse and rape of children.

These are two children who have been subjected to various sexual assaults.

One of the children to a greater extent than the other.

The indictment covers almost 400 different criminal suspicions, which include repeated aggravated rapes of children, aggravated sexual abuse of children and sexual harassment.

According to the indictment, several of the assaults must have lasted for six years and must have taken place in agreement between the accused.

Several of the assaults were filmed and saved on the man's computer.

In addition, the man has kept a diary of what happened, which is included in the prosecutor's evidence.

Millions of files

The man is charged with 190 aggravated rapes of children.

The trial, which was held behind closed doors, began in April this year and ended in mid-June.

Police have found nearly two million files of downloaded child pornography on the accused man's computer, but also several thousand pictures and nearly 500 films with self-documented sexual abuse of children.

Many years in prison

Prosecutor Linda Caneus has demanded 14 years in prison for the man.

- There are no mitigating circumstances, she tells SVT.

For the woman, the prosecutor demands ten years in prison.

Today at eleven o'clock the verdict falls on Kalmar District Court.