“We are undergoing a major reform of the migration legislation in general.

A very powerful working group worked, the concept of new migration legislation was written.

In December, this concept was signed, by March a new law was written, which implies a lot of things to be canceled and a lot of things to be introduced.

Because the original legislative base of 1996 is still.

It is outdated both morally and in general, ”explained Kozhenov.

He clarified that "all foreigners will be brought to one understandable denominator."

“Elementary, there are two friends: a Tajik and a Kyrgyz.

And they can't even tell each other how to draw up documents.

Therefore, all foreigners will be reduced to one understandable denominator.

And it is convenient, good, there will be no confusion.

All employees of the migration department of any line will be absolutely competent, because the rules are the same for everyone and this is very, very acceptable.

As part of this, the (temporary residence permit. -


) RVP is also


, because it is a meaningless instrument that has outlived its time, "Kozhenov concluded.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has prepared a draft law providing for the reform of migration regimes.

In particular, it is proposed to waive temporary residence permits (TRP) for foreign citizens.