China Overseas Chinese Network, July 9th. According to the European Times, the Spanish version of the WeChat public account "Xiwen" reported that in the Distrito Pedregalejo district of Malaga, Spain, despite the mandatory government ban on wearing masks It has been cancelled, but all kinds of shops have the right to require customers to continue to take protective measures. A couple was shopping on the local Bolivia street. When entering a Chinese shop, the owner refused to enter because they did not wear a mask. The two sides had a quarrel and the man beat the Chinese. Shopkeeper.

  According to the report, the case happened on July 3. The victim Chinese shopkeeper stated that he refused to enter the shop because the young customers were not wearing masks. However, the two sides had a dispute over the incident and the young man began beating himself. The time is short.

Since the dispute occurred outside the store, the security surveillance inside the store could not record the scene at that time.

  After the assault occurred, the two perpetrators fled immediately.

The assaulted Chinese shopkeeper reported to the police that there were other people around the two rough young men, but those people did not do anything, and they were not regular customers of the shop.

  It is reported that the incident aroused the attention of many neighbors. After the incident, several police cars were searching for rough young partners, and the injured Chinese shopkeeper was taken care of by the police and several passersby.

  Since the outbreak in Spain, wearing masks has become a “social norm”. In the Pedregalejo district of Malaga, there have been conflicts between customers and Chinese shopkeepers because of mask problems.