Six suspects have been arrested in the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, including at least one American with Haitian roots,

The Washington Post



Authorities in the Central American country tell the newspaper that at least one of the other detainees is from the US.

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Four alleged perpetrators have been killed, authorities confirmed.

Other possible suspects are in a building in the capital Port-au-Prince that security forces have surrounded, according to the United Nations.

The Haitian ambassador to the US previously said the perpetrators were hitmen posing as US agents of the anti-drug agency DEA.

The situation in the city is tense, also because it is not clear to everyone who is now in power.

According to Helen La Lime, the UN envoy to Haiti, Prime Minister Claude Joseph is leading the Caribbean country until elections are held.

Coup d'état fails in February

A coup in Haiti was foiled in February.

23 alleged coup plotters were arrested, including a senior judge and a police officer.

The coup plotters planned to kill Moise and take power, according to the Haitian justice minister.

The American president said he was shocked by the murder of Moïse.

The United States believes that the presidential elections scheduled for September 26 in Haiti should go ahead.