Chinanews Client Beijing, July 9th. With the completion of the application for the college entrance examination in many places across the country, the college entrance examination enrollment work has also started one after another, and some colleges and universities have begun to send admission notices.

Educational departments in many places have made it clear that they will strictly prevent imposters in college and other behaviors, and remind candidates and parents to guard against being deceived.

On July 8, Sichuan's first admission notice was issued from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Photo by Zhang Lang

Admissions for high-level recruitment in various regions have started one after another

  Recently, various provinces across the country have successively determined the admission time for college entrance examinations, most of which are concentrated in the first ten days of July. Many colleges and universities have begun the delivery of admission notices.

  For example, this year's admissions for high-level recruitment in Beijing took place from July 6th to 30th, and all admissions work implemented remote online admissions.

Among them, the early admission time for undergraduates is from July 6 to 14, and the general admission time for undergraduates is from July 16 to 21.

  Ningxia's admission work this year is divided into six batches, which will be carried out from July 5th to August 15th.

Among them, the first batch of colleges and universities admitted to undergraduates (including local special plans, preparatory courses and orientation) time is from July 16 to 23; advanced vocational (specialist) majors are admitted in advance from August 5 to 6.

  The admissions of general colleges and universities in Guangdong Province in 2021 will be held from July 8th to August 15th, among which, advance approval will be July 8-17; undergraduate approval will be July 15-29; junior college approval will be July 30 Day-August 15th.

  This year, in order to make it easier for candidates to check their admission status in a timely manner, the government has also opened up a variety of channels.

  For example, in Gansu, in addition to inquiring through the provincial education examination institute website, candidates can also use the provincial education examination institute APP client, Gansu Provincial Education Department WeChat official account, Weibo, and "Lezhi Gaokaotong" WeChat applet, etc. Way to query.

On the morning of July 8, the first admission notice of Sichuan Province for 2021 general college admissions was issued from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

The picture shows the candidates receiving the admission notice.

Photo by Zhang Lang

Can sing, black technology...Which offer letter is the most creative?

  At present, the admission work of various universities is in progress, but some admission notices have been issued.

  Due to the great creativity and design, as well as various special meanings, the admission notices of major colleges and universities have frequently seized the hot searches recently and attracted the attention of the public.

  For example, Beijing’s first general admission notice this year was issued from Beijing Language and Culture University.

  The admission notice is inspired by the traditional Chinese paper-cutting art, and combines the "Chinese style" with the current popular "pixel style" expressions, and conveys to students that "tradition and modernity", "Chinese culture and world culture" are intertwined, integrated and integrated. Concept of development.

The picture shows the admission notice of Shanghai University.

  The admission notice of Shanghai University this year fully embodies the "black technology".

Undergraduates will receive a "Future Core", activate the button behind the "Future Core" key school badge, you can light up the "Future Core", close it to the mobile phone to read the WeChat applet "上大锦SHU" (Same as "Shang Da Jinshu"), freshmen can watch the "Red Legacy" promotional video for the first time, and at the same time obtain a personal electronic admission notice.

  Opening the gift box of the admission notice of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the three-dimensional stacked paper sculptures are greeted. Among the stratus clouds, the Long March 5 rocket is launched into the sky, and the Beidou network is impressively in front of the C919 passenger plane through the clouds. Flew high.

In addition, the stars, moon, straight 10, and Mars rover are displayed in different styles of laser patterns.

  The school also added a blind box interactive link in the admission notice gift box. Seven different aviation, aerospace, and civil aviation aircrafts were randomly selected and put into each student's notice.

The picture shows the admission notice of Southeast University.

  Southeast University’s admission notice is no longer content to stay on paper, and can sing!

Opening the notice gift box, the school's school song of East University was melodiously sounded, and the school's landmark auditorium was also lit.

In addition, the school motto "Stop to the best" appears on the notice paper under light.

The picture shows the admission notice of Qingdao Agricultural University.

For picture

  The admission notice of Qingdao Agricultural University adopts a three-dimensional paper art design with a four-layer deep scene structure, implying that college students will start a good life for four years.

The notice can also be used as a commemorative photo frame to place your own personalized photos in a special place to punch in.

The Ministry of Education issued a high-tech warning: Don’t be fooled by "internal indicators"

  How to ensure fairness and transparency in the process of college entrance examination is the focus of social concern.

  In fact, as early as May of this year, the Ministry of Education has clearly stated that it is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, increase the investigation and punishment of violations, and insist on discovering and investigating violations of exam enrollment, zero tolerance, and strive to maintain fairness and justice in exam enrollment.

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued an early warning to remind the majority of candidates and parents that only those whose college entrance examination scores meet the requirements for admission to the colleges and universities will be admitted to colleges. Deceived.

  The Ministry of Education reminds that during the college entrance examination period, some criminals often use the mentality of parents to hope that their son will become a dragon and hope that their daughter will become a phoenix. By forging documents, privately engraving seals, setting up registration offices and consulting telephones, they impersonate college admissions officers and relatives of school leaders. Etc., falsely claiming that they have "internal indicators", "mobile plans", "targeted enrollment plans", "low scores and high records", "recruitment" and other frauds.

Data map: June 16, 2021, the Beijing college entrance examination mathematics marking point, the staff is scoring the papers. Photograph by Yang Kejia

  The Ministry of Education stated that there are no so-called "internal indicators" in the college entrance examination process, and candidates and parents must be highly alert to such fraudulent information that "you can buy college places with money".

  In addition, in recent years, some criminals or intermediaries have deliberately confused the distinction between academic qualifications and non-academic education, deceiving candidates and parents with admission notices such as self-study classes, online education classes, and cooperative education.

Some educational institutions actually recruit non-academic education students under the guise of academic education.

  According to the Ministry of Education, different types of enrollment have different admission requirements.

Ordinary higher education students must pass the college entrance examination and enrollment.

The so-called "admission notice" mentioned above is not an admission notice from an ordinary university that recognizes academic qualifications by the state, and the electronic registration of new students cannot be carried out after the "entry", let alone a graduation certificate from an ordinary university.

Data map: On June 8th, outside the test center of the 29th Middle School in Nanning, Guangxi, the parents of the candidates held flowers and hugged the candidates.

Photo by Edison Chen

"Impersonation to go to college" also has to focus on cracking down

  In addition to reminding candidates and parents to prevent fraud, education departments in many places also emphasized that they will strictly prevent acts such as imposters in college.

  For example, on July 6, Hebei's 2021 general college enrollment work was officially launched.

The local government has made it clear that it is necessary to strictly control important points such as student status review, identity verification, qualification review, and freshman admission review, to prevent imposters from going to university, and to maintain fair and just admissions for college entrance examinations.

  It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure the delivery service of admission notices for college entrance examination, China Post Group held a teleconference on July 2nd, requiring proactive tracking of each admission notice until the last one is properly submitted to ensure "zero missed vote". , Zero loss".

  Before delivery, you must first contact the recipient by phone, do a good job of door-to-door delivery services, and implement the delivery sign requirements. The recipient’s sign copy shall be photographed and uploaded as required, and the sign copy shall be brought back for archiving.