The outgoing cabinet will receive advice from the Outbreak Management Team within a few hours about the need for new corona measures, now that the number of positive tests has exploded.

A new temporary closure of clubs and discotheques and the cancellation of multi-day events are in the offing.

Those measures would affect the group that currently receives the highest number of positive tests: teenagers and young adults.

65 percent of all infections in the past week were found in the 15- to 29-year-old age group.

Since the Testing for Access program has been active, many hundreds of thousands of tests have been taken on young people who wanted to go out at night.

The program turned out to be flawless.

Corona outbreaks arose locally, in which hundreds of young people were sometimes infected in one evening.

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Travelers also often test positive

Furthermore, many positive tests are also taken from travelers.

In the past week, this involved 11.1 percent of the more than 8,500 positive tests, while 36 percent of all recently infected Dutch people did not indicate whether they had recently been abroad.

In previous weeks, only about 1 percent of positive tests were taken on travelers.

This week, for the first time in a month, no travel advice for EU countries will be relaxed.

In fact, travel advice was only tightened up for the Portuguese Algarve.

It is not clear whether the cabinet is also looking at stricter measures for travelers.

The Dutch often return from Spain and Portugal with the corona virus.

RIVM closely monitors the situation in those countries.

If the OMT advises to take new measures, a press conference will most likely follow on Friday evening. The time is not yet clear. The last press conferences all took place at 7 p.m.