China News Service, July 9th. According to New Zealand, the police are currently investigating a corruption case in New Zealand's Rimutaka Prison. There are more than a dozen investigators, including at least one senior manager. .

  According to the media, the mobile phones of some of the investigators have been confiscated and analyzed. The agents also carefully analyzed whether there were any violations in their bank accounts.

  The survey was code-named "Operation Portia" and it started a year ago.

Earlier, a prison inmate was accused of using a mobile phone to remotely control the smuggling of methamphetamine into New Zealand, and there is likely to be an insider involved behind it.

Investigators believe that after some prison guards were bought, prisoners were allowed to bring contraband such as mobile phones, drugs and tobacco into the prison.

  "Operation Portia" was launched by the police organized crime investigation team, and there is currently no disclosure of the progress of the investigation.

"The investigation is ongoing and there is no update at this stage." The police inspector said in a statement on the 7th.

  However, it is believed that the investigation is nearing completion and is about to enter the prosecution stage.

Before someone can be prosecuted for corruption crimes, officials need to obtain approval from the Attorney General.

The media learned that as many as 12 prison staff were under investigation.

  The media obtained an e-mail sent by the prison chief to employees last month stating that the police investigation is about to enter a decisive stage.

"For many of us, this is a difficult time." The email wrote, "It is not easy, but we will stand up in a stronger way."

  The Correctional Services Department stated in a statement on the 8th that four prison staff have been suspended since July 1 last year.

At present, the two suspended staff have returned to work, one has resigned and the other has been fired.