Chinanews, July 9th, a comprehensive report, on the 8th, US President Biden announced that the US military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31.

He said that the United States has achieved its set goals in Afghanistan, and continuing to send US troops to Afghanistan will not have "different results". Fighting this "indefinite war" is not in the United States' national interest.

Data map: US President Biden.

  [Biden: Has achieved the set goals in Afghanistan]

  Biden said in a televised speech, "Our military mission in Afghanistan will end on August 31. The withdrawal continues in a safe and orderly manner... There were no casualties in the US and other troops."

  He emphasized that the United States is not "national building" and intervening in Afghanistan.

The United States has achieved its established goal in Afghanistan, which is to combat the threat of terrorism.

In this nearly 20-year war, a total of 2,448 US troops were killed and more than 20,000 US troops were wounded.

  Biden said, "It is not in the national interest of the United States to continue fighting this war indefinitely." He also said, "I will not let another generation of Americans go to war in Afghanistan because there is no reasonable expectation that different results can be achieved. "

  Biden also pointed out that Afghanistan must "unite and move towards the future." Biden also promised that the United States will continue to support the Afghan people.

Biden emphasized that the United States will coordinate with partners to maintain the security of Afghanistan’s international airport, and the United States will also participate in diplomatic efforts to mediate the situation in Afghanistan.

  Biden also pointed out that if terrorism in Afghanistan threatens the United States, the United States has the ability to carry out long-range strikes.

Data map: After completing their mission in Afghanistan, the US soldiers returned to China and reunited with their families.

  [Not "task achieved"?

  The US White House spokesperson Psaki said that part of the reason for the US decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan was that Biden believed that there was no military solution to the situation in Afghanistan and that there would be no benefit to the continued presence of US troops.

  Psaki also said that the United States achieved what it wanted to achieve when it launched the war in Afghanistan.

But she said that the United States will not celebrate the "mission fulfillment" after the completion of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, because this is a war that has lasted for 20 years and has not won a military victory.

  She also said that Biden administration officials have always expected that as the U.S. withdrawal progresses, violence and turmoil will "rise" and the security situation will deteriorate.

She added that considering that former President Trump has agreed to withdraw troops from Afghanistan before May, the extension of US military intervention will lead to an escalation of attacks on US troops.

  Psaki pointed out that the situation in Afghanistan can only be resolved through political means, and military actions will not bring more benefits.

  On the 8th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that “The United States...withdrawing its troops is actually admitting that they have failed in their mission.” He also said that the threat of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan is increasing due to the withdrawal of the United States and that the United States is leaving the situation in Afghanistan to force solve.

Data map: In 2017, the Afghan army and the Taliban exchanged fire in Kabul, and smoke billowed at the scene.

  [Dialogue between the Afghan government and Taliban representatives]

  On the other hand, representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban ended the dialogue meeting held in Tehran, the capital of Iran, on the 8th.

After the meeting, the two sides issued a statement, unanimously agreeing that war cannot resolve the crisis in Afghanistan and should be committed to politically solving the current crisis.

  The two sides also condemned the attacks on residential houses and public facilities such as mosques and hospitals and caused damage in their statements, and called for the punishment of the perpetrators.

  The Afghan government delegation and Taliban representatives also stated that they will continue to discuss the possibility of establishing a peaceful transition mechanism at the next meeting that will be "possibly".

  Since the United States and NATO troops began to withdraw from Afghanistan on May 1, the Taliban have launched multiple offensives and frequently exchanged fire with the Afghan government forces. The local security situation has continued to deteriorate.

  The U.S. military has now completed 90% of its withdrawal.