China News Service, July 9th. According to the US "World Journal" report, New York City held a paper tape parade in Lower Manhattan on the 7th to pay tribute to frontline workers in the fight against the epidemic.

The Chinatown Business Reform District printed a list of Chinatown restaurants and maps to attract participants to Chinatown to "continue celebrating" after the parade ends. It also reminds the public that small businesses that persist in business during the epidemic are also community heroes.

  As the parade location is close to Chinatown, Chen Zuozhou, the director of the Commercial Reform District, said that in order to attract parade crowds to Chinatown to consume and dine, the team printed more than 1,000 flyer maps and sent six volunteers along the road before the parade began on the 7th. The parade route was distributed to the public.

  Chen Zuozhou said that the inspiration came from the office of City Councillor Chen Qianwen. In the past two New York City “Paper Tape Parades”, similar propaganda has been done twice, and the effect has been good. Nowadays, the epidemic has made it difficult for small businesses to do business. We must seize the opportunity to promote the community.

  The content of the flyer includes Chinatown restaurants, desserts, small businesses, bars, beverage shops, and jewelry stores.

Below the flyer is a map of the parade and indicates which way to go to Mott St. (Mott St.) in the center of Chinatown after arriving at the destination.

  The Commercial Reform District also released leaflets on social media, allowing people to follow the map on their mobile phones and walk to Chinatown, which is only ten minutes away from the parade.

Chen Zuozhou said that at the parade, the crowd was happy and "relieved" at the results of New York City's fight against the epidemic. He took this opportunity to thank the front-line staff and also hoped to remind the public not to forget the small businesses that continued to operate during the epidemic. And support the Chinatown community.

(Yan Jiaying)