Former General Affairs Chairman Takeshita, who is the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Takeshita faction, has decided to retire from the political world, and there are voices within the faction recommending Foreign Minister Motegi as the successor chairman, but some cautious opinions Due to this, adjustments are expected to begin in earnest after the next House of Representatives election.

Former Liberal Democratic Party chairman Takeshita has decided to retire from politics without running for the House of Representatives election by autumn because of his physical condition, and a Takeshita sect executive announced at a press conference on the 8th.

There are voices in the sect over the successor chairman, who are pushing for Foreign Minister Motegi, who will act as chairman, but there are some cautious opinions, as well as names such as Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato and former Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Obuchi. ..

At the faction's general meeting held on the evening of the 8th, there were a series of opinions from the members who attended that the current executive system including Chairman Takeshita should be maintained until the next House of Representatives election. It is expected to get into full swing later.

In the Takeshita faction, opinions were divided between the House of Representatives side and the House of Councilors side in the presidential election three years ago, and it became a de facto voluntary vote. There are also concerns that the same situation may occur again.