The Ministry of Ecological Transition and EDF announced Thursday that the Cordemais coal-fired power station would continue to operate until 2024. It was initially to be dismantled and reconverted in 2022. But the conversion project fell through. 

France will continue to operate a coal-fired power plant at least until 2024 instead of 2022, in this case the Cordemais power station in the west, whose biomass conversion project has been abandoned, the ministry announced on Thursday. French for the Ecological Transition and EDF.

This power station, which will be the last, will be used "at the margin", to meet the needs of the West region, "during peaks of consumption in winter, for a few dozen to a few hundred hours per year at most", specifies the ministry, which confirms its strategy of exit from coal.

Abandonment of the reconversion project 

The State and EDF are based on RTE's projections for 2030: the high-voltage network manager underlined in his latest report, without commenting on the type of fuel, that Cordemais would be necessary to supply the West region. at least until 2024 and the commissioning of the EPR nuclear reactor at Flamanville, in Normandy.

But EDF announced Thursday the abandonment of the biomass conversion project, called Ecocombust, both because of its cost and the withdrawal of Suez from this partnership.

The law in 2019 had recorded the closure in 2022 of the last four coal-fired power stations in the country, the most harmful fuel for the climate.

Two of them have already closed and another is due to shut down next year.