Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 9 -

Question: DPP vaccination modern twist "tyranny than a tiger."

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhao Danping and Chen Shu

  In the classic Chinese cultural classic "Book of Rites: Under the Tan Gong", there is a long-lived story that "rules are more fierce than tigers", exposing the ruin of the tyranny of the rulers in the pre-Qin period on the people.

The development of human political civilization has progressed to the present era, and good governance and good governance have become the general expectation of society.

However, in the Taiwan region under the rule of the DPP, people have seen that in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, the DPP authorities are complacent and boastful and incompetent, and are deducing the modern version of "rule and fierce."

  According to the statistics of the Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan, as of July 8, Taiwan had a total of 15,149 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, of which 13,903 were local cases; a total of 718 new coronary pneumonia deaths, and the death rate of confirmed patients was as high as nearly 5%, which is significantly higher. In the world average.

Taiwan's third-level alert was postponed again to the 26th. Only about 10% of the population was vaccinated. The public health system was stretched. Self-produced vaccines were slowed down. Industries such as catering, retail, and tourism were hit, and many people lost their chances of earning a living.

A recent ranking of 53 countries and regions in the world by Bloomberg News showed that Taiwan’s "avalanche" plummeted to 44th.

The recent data released by the British "The Economist" magazine also shows that Taiwan is still far from returning to "normal life", ranking second to last in the "normal index" ranking of the world's 50 largest economies.

  For more than a year, the DPP authorities have boasted all over the world that Taiwan has "advanced deployment" in epidemic prevention and is a "model student in epidemic prevention."

Now the cowhide is blown out, proving that everything is a lie.

In particular, vaccine purchases are sluggish, and the amount of donations from outside is only a few million doses. Compared with the actual demand, the people are rushing to make appointments for "vaccine residues" and the phone calls are overwhelming.

In the face of vaccine procurement applications from private organizations, the authorities used the so-called "eight conditions" and "two principles" to make things difficult.

The media on the island severely criticized the DPP for "wasting the people's fat and protecting the people from the fear of lack of vaccines and the pandemic."

  A ruling team that made serious mistakes in the epidemic prevention of life-threatening matter, but refused to be held accountable.

The DPP’s mistakes in decision-making have caused more than 700 people to lose their precious lives, but so far none of the party officials, large or small, has taken responsibility and bowed down.

The opposition public opinion representatives ridiculed Taiwan as "like a vaccine beggar", and the leaders of the authorities denounced it as a gossip; the chief official of epidemic prevention Chen Shizhong was about to be interviewed due to poor epidemic prevention, and the head of the administrative agency Su Zhenchang tried his best to escort the interview, saying that the interview was "not kind and unfair ".

Anyone who criticizes the DPP’s anti-epidemic policy will be criticized by the cyber army maintained by the authorities as a “passenger in China”.

The DPP is self-sufficient, and its authoritarian face has not concealed anything.

  What should be done is not done well, and what should not be done is the best and the most vigorous.

"Correction and return", "One life on the same island", "Democracy vaccine", "Cognitive warfare"... The DPP's slapstick skills are breathtaking, and its purpose is nothing more than to shirk responsibility, dump others, and reap political self-interest from it.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the DPP has attacked the mainland with one hand and suppressed political opponents with the other. All kinds of "spiritual operations" have been shocking.

For example, slandering the mainland’s goodwill as "false good intentions" and "reversing every time" in vaccine procurement; for example, vigorously escorting the counties and cities in power by the DPP, and verbally criticizing the non-DPP cities in Taipei and New Taipei City.

At the moment of the epidemic, the DPP, which should have united society to fight the epidemic, but the party fights against differences, turning the epidemic prevention war into a "political war."

Taiwan's "China Times" asked angrily: In the face of hundreds of people killed by the epidemic, who will be fair to the people?

  The failure of the DPP authorities to prevent the epidemic is in line with their unethical and incompetent conduct.

It is precisely because of its complacency and ostentation that Taiwan’s epidemic prevention has breached, which in turn induces an epidemic; its response to the spread of the epidemic has further pushed up the cost of the entire society’s fight against the epidemic and aggravated the public’s burden. pain.

As the "China Times" editorial stated, the DPP authorities put the implementation of their policies above the safety of the people’s lives, and the implementation of authoritarian rule over democratic principles and scientific professions, the people’s right to life is ignored and the people The Progressive Party authorities have gone further and further on the road of anti-democracy.

  Liu Zongyuan, one of the eight great masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, once quoted Confucius's famous saying that "rules are more fierce than tigers" to pinpoint current malpractices.

The fact that the DPP authorities boasted that "Taiwan can help" to "Taiwan needs help" is a true portrayal of "rule and fierce government."

The ancients have said: "If virtue is not called its responsibility, its disaster will be cruel; if it is not called its place, its disaster will be great." The DPP, which pursues political power wholeheartedly and ignores the people's life safety and health rights, has become Taiwan's biggest disaster. .

The disabling DPP authorities owe the people of Taiwan justice!