China News Service, July 9th (Reporter Chen Jing) Every year, many newborns with congenital heart disease are born in China.

Among them, ventricular septal defect (VSD) is the most common clinically.

  The reporter learned on the 9th that after more than ten years of scientific research and innovation, the new material occluder device originally developed by Chinese medical device companies with independent intellectual property rights is gradually moving towards clinical application, bringing healthy and safe hearts to children with congenital heart disease.

  It is reported that the team of Director Chen Zhi of the Department of Cardiology of Hunan Children's Hospital successfully implanted a degradable ventricular septal defect occluder for a 2-year-old child with congenital heart disease through minimally invasive intervention.

There is a 6mm ventricular septal defect on the child's heart.

After the two-hour operation, the child who was implanted with the "self-expandable degradable ventricular septal occluder" was transferred to the general ward with stable vital signs.

  The traditional metal occluders commonly used in such operations in the past may have related risks associated with metal permanent implants, especially the impact on the heart valve and cardiac conduction system.

  Chen Zhi said in an interview that the use of "degradable occluders" can not only effectively block abnormal passages, but also avoid possible long-term complications caused by metal permanent occluders.

  Shanghai Mallow Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., which independently developed the "self-expandable degradable ventricular septal occluder", explained to reporters on the 9th that the degradable occluder is used as a bridge and only as a temporary implant. Will be decomposed into non-toxic small molecules, water and carbon dioxide are eliminated from the body.

The mesh surface of the occluder on the original defect site will be regenerated and repaired by the patient's own tissues and will be completely covered.

  Chen Zhi's team continued to pay attention to the development of new materials and participated in the development and clinical research of a number of new material occluders.

He said that while achieving the purpose of repairing heart defects, without leaving metal implants in the heart, this innovation greatly reduces the risk of valve regurgitation and heart block.

  During the interview, the reporter learned that after more than ten years of scientific research and innovation, Mallow Medical has obtained a number of patents and has innovatively manufactured a series of "biodegradable" cardiac occluders.

The company has cooperated with many well-known medical institutions in China, and its research in the field of biodegradable occluders has been awarded "National Natural Science Foundation" projects.