“I can hear but I can't hear” APD's first large-scale survey July 9, 14:08


"I can't hear the story in the noise" "It's

hard to hear fast or small voices"

Even if the hearing is normal, I can't select the necessary sound or story in a noisy place, and I can't understand it. There is a symptom of "disorder)".

A research group made up of experts will start the first large-scale survey of about 5,000 children, mainly in Osaka and the Tokyo metropolitan area, in order to understand the actual number of people with these symptoms.

It has been pointed out that APD (auditory processing disorder) is caused by problems with nerve function in the brain, but the detailed cause is unknown and there is no clear cure.

A research group made up of experts will start a survey of about 5,000 elementary and junior high schools and high schools, mainly in Osaka and the Tokyo metropolitan area, from this autumn.

In the survey, we will conduct a questionnaire to children and parents, ask them to answer about 20 questions such as how often they make mistakes and hear back, and find out how many children are suspected of having symptoms. I will.

Overseas, there are various research reports such as that about 3% of school-age children have symptoms, but experts point out that the current situation is that the detailed situation is not known in Japan and the support system is not in place. I am.

Representative of the research group

Associate Professor Koichi Sakamoto, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Osaka City University School of Medicine

"I would like to clarify how many people have APD symptoms and when they appear in children. More medical care. I feel that it is necessary to put in place a system so that the institution can receive tests and diagnoses. "

What are the symptoms of APD?

Emiho (24), who suffers from APD (auditory processing disorder) symptoms, felt something unusual when he was in high school.

Unexpected words such as "I haven't heard the story" and "I sometimes meet in strange places" were the triggers.

At that time, Mr. Shoho, who did not know the symptoms of APD, said he was confused because he could not understand even if he explained to his friends that he could not hear well.

I visited multiple medical institutions, including an otolaryngologist in my neighborhood, and had a hearing test, but it was said to be normal.

Although I complained to the doctor that I felt uncomfortable, I was told that "sometimes that happens" and "I care too much", and I couldn't make a clear diagnosis.

When Mr. Shoho, who was worried, searched on the Internet etc., the first word he heard was APD = auditory processing disorder.

After that, Mr. Shoho, who was diagnosed with APD, began to try to get to know the symptoms that are difficult for others to understand.

For Mr. Shoho, I reproduced it in the video I posted to see how it actually sounds.

For example, the phrase "Please put your mobile phone in silent mode or turn off the power" is confused by people's voices and the sound of tableware in a lively restaurant.・ ・ Please turn it off. ”He says that he can only understand some sounds.

Mr. Shoho



hard to shop at convenience stores and supermarkets. There are a lot of sounds that come into my ears, and there are a lot of sounds that make me puncture my head. I'm not good at it. There are many things. "

Suspicion of APD First, consult an expert

A series of patients are visiting specialized medical institutions for suspicion of APD symptoms.

At Osaka City University Hospital, the number of patients has increased since last year, and when there are many, there are days when more than 10 people visit each day.

In addition, there are only a limited number of facilities nationwide where detailed inspections can be conducted, and reservations are full until October.

Patients' worries and symptoms such as "It is difficult to hear words in the noise" are recorded on the questionnaire, and some of them are "I could not hear the instructions of my boss and made a series of mistakes at work" and "I could not hear the customer's order and was forced to quit. It means that there are also complaints such as "."

Symptoms are conspicuous in teens and twenties, and there are many cases where mistakes are noticed one after another during part-time work or work.

Koichi Sakamoto, Associate Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Osaka City University School of Medicine

"Many people who complain of symptoms often find it difficult to answer the phone or make mistakes at work after getting a job. Serious people tend to be depressed. Please consult an expert first. "

Understanding that does not progress In some cases that led to retirement

In some cases, people may have retired if they do not understand the symptoms of APD at work.

Naomi from Tokyo, who was diagnosed with APD last July, had difficulty hearing from an early age, but her hearing test showed no abnormalities.

Naomi felt something was wrong after she started working.

While dealing with customers at the counter, my boss sometimes gave me verbal instructions and I couldn't hear them.

It is said that he misunderstood "Kagawa" as the destination of the luggage requested by the customer as "Canada" and was pointed out by a colleague.

I told him at work that "sometimes I can't understand even if I hear it as a sound," but he said that he decided to quit his job because it became difficult for him to understand it.


"The awareness of APD is very low, so I'd be very happy if you affirm that it's true, it's not a lie."

First of all, as an opportunity to change your life

Some say that being diagnosed with APD has given them an opportunity to make their daily lives easier.

I'm Ryo (13), a junior high school student from Osaka prefecture.

Kaori, her mother, said that when Ryo was three years old, she sometimes didn't notice it and felt uncomfortable.

At the age of five, I underwent a specialized examination at a medical institution, but the result was that there were no particular problems with the growth appropriate for the year.

Even so, when I went to elementary school, I couldn't hear the instructions of my homeroom teacher in the noisy classroom, and I often had a hard time because I couldn't keep up with the group action and the submission was delayed.

This spring, when I visited a doctor who was familiar with the symptoms before going on to junior high school, I was diagnosed with APD for the first time.

Mr. Kaori about having been diagnosed

"I was very convinced that this was the discomfort I had felt so far, and I was relieved."


"I'm relieved that there are many people like me because I forget things and move a little slowly."

And while seeking understanding of the symptoms in junior high school and to be easier to feed school life



"The symptoms of APD have become more well-known, and by coming out when I have that characteristic, more people will talk slowly and clearly, and consideration will be given to printing. I would be grateful if you could. I would be happy if that changed. "

Koichi Sakamoto, Associate Professor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Osaka City University School of Medicine

"If you suspect a symptom, it is important to make a diagnosis and adjust the environment with the surroundings. I want you to use it as a clue to make it easier and easier to live by getting support. "