Alignment with the nazbats

In one of the online discussions, a user under the nickname Klimenko (presumably Artyom Klimenko, arranger of the AloeVera group) tells the user Vera (presumably Musaelyan) about his conversation with Yashin.

The dialogue took place on February 2, 2021, shortly after the massive unauthorized actions were held in Moscow on January 23 and 30.

Then Klimenko wrote that Navalny needed to create squads on the model of the extremist groups of the Right Sector * that operated during the Kiev "Maidan" *. 

Klimenko: Listen, in the comments, people go to burn cars.

I don't think it's democratic.

I'm a Christian, I can't approve of that.

But I admit that the authorities themselves are to blame and provoked.

Vera: I also have a feeling that now there will be unhealthy garbage.

Klimenko: But the authorities are ready, now there will be Minsk in August 2020.

I told Yashin that Navalny needed to gather a squad, which, like the Right Sector, would knock Yanukovych out of his chair.

So the time has come for these squads.

    "Maybe nobody hounded Navalny either" 

    The same user Vera, back in November last year, complained to the same user Klimenko about how she got sick with COVID-19 and how Yashin scolded her for publicly talking about it, fearing for her reputation.

    Vera: I'll go crazy here.

    Yashin s **** l me: why do you say in stories that you are sick, why do you talk to people on the phone and say that you are sick.

    Because of you, they write in Telegram that I am sick with covid.

    F **** e politicians - they try to hide everything, and then they get nervous that it gets out.

    Klimenko: Well, you are not losing the point.

    Let him write out claims for himself.

    Vera: It's just that it really crushes when you really can't go anywhere and you need to hang out here.

    As soon as I have antibodies, they only saw me here at all.

      Vera complains about Yashin's tantrums and calls him a "piss".

      Vera: I made videos about how I eat onions and how my smells began to appear.

      Yashin makes a tantrum: if you post it, then there will be questions for me why I was at such and such a meeting, because of your stories, I will eat shit with spoons!  

      It pisses me off, because I want to tell on the basis of this how we perceive food, how little we really need to saturate, how much we focus on smell.

      Klimenko: Well, he did the test before these meetings of his, why pissed off?

      Vera: Ssykun.

        At the same time, Klimenko wonders how Yashin has not yet fallen ill.


        B **, why are we sick, but not Yashin?

        What is he, o *** l?


        This is suspicious.

        Maybe no one hounded Navalny either!


        You don't kiss at all?


        Nope, really no.


        Everything is clear with Navalny.

        Why does he (Yashin - RT) wear a mask?

        Or are you wearing a mask?


        That is, we live together, sleep side by side, but he does not kiss me.

        No one is wearing a mask.

        It just doesn't seem to take him.

          "We go to the White House"

          Users Vera and Klimenko also actively discussed the past action on January 23 and at that time the upcoming new one, appointed by Navalny's supporters for January 30.

          Vera, in particular, confirms that the protesters deliberately attacked the police during the rally, and also speaks about the goals of the illegal rally: “They wanted to be told: 'We are going to the White House.'

          Vera: There is a new meeting for the 30th.

          Klimenko: What are you doing there, what are the results of the rally?

          What is Yashin saying?

          Well, I won't get there again.

          Vera: Well, everything is ok with us.

          But more than 2,000 were detained.

          To be honest, people themselves attacked the riot police.

          And those already from the heart of their n **** li.

          Klimenko: Well, it's not just the Moscow hipsters of 2019 anymore.

          Also on "Ready screenwriter for Hollywood": RT got acquainted with the correspondence connected with Ilya Yashin in Telegram

          Vera: I saw that in the evening the riot police actually walked like this, pushing people aside with their shoulders, just towards the people walking.

          Klimenko: The protest is growing.

          Vera: That's why there are hard shots.

          But as usual, it is somewhere, but not with us.

          My rally was super peaceful.

          With riot police who did not bother anyone.

          Then they smashed the Trubnaya machine.

          Klimenko: I think the 30th will be even tougher on the part of the protest.

          People are evil.

          Not intellectuals, but simple ones.

          The Russians will not take off their shoes in front of the shop.

          Vera: Well, yes, the people did not understand what to do.

          They wanted to be told: "We are going to the White House."

          And they would go.

          Klimenko: Well, Yashin would say, what is he?

          Vera: Yashin was not taken only because he was driving there in a hat.

          If they saw (that. - RT) this is Yashin, they would have taken him right away.


            The leaked correspondence also included Vera's online conversation with the user Ilya (presumably, this is Ilya Yashin himself), dated January 23, the day when the illegal rally took place in Moscow.

            Ilya, in particular, reports that after the dispersal of the rally, together with Pivovarov (presumably, the executive director of Open Russia ** Andrei Pivovarov) he tried to organize the crowd again.

            Ilya: They almost accepted me at the Lubyanka, they crushed me a little.

            Barely left.

            Vera: Okay.

            I'm ready to move on.

            Ilya: I'll be there soon.

            There is nowhere to go, the people are scattered, there are small groups that are being cleaned by riot police.

            We tried with Pivovarov to create a small crowd on the Lubyanka, but we got n *** s ( 

            Vera: I'm waiting for you.

              Recall that the Investigative Committee opened four criminal cases of violence against law enforcement officers at the illegal rally on January 23 in Moscow.

              From the same correspondence, it turns out that the user Ilya misled the police officers who came to his home with a warning against participating in uncoordinated actions.  

              Ilya: The cops came.

              Vera: What?

              Tell me.

              Ilya: We wanted to hand over a warning.

              They asked if Yashin Ilya Valerievich lived here.

              Told them through the door that there weren't any.

              Faith: O_o

              Ilya: They were a little confused, apologized and left 😂

              Vera: Wow.

              Ilya: Males.

              Vera: Warn the boys that now this can be.

              I would be confused.

                Unenviable vacancy

                Nobody wants to share the fate of Navalny, Vera complains about the arrest of the oppositionist to the user under the nickname Sestra (presumably Zarine Musaelyan) in an online correspondence dated February 3, 2021.

                Only tanks will help, the interlocutors decide, or sanctions from Europe and the United States.


                How would everyone get lost.


                And sick straight.


                Nobody wants to play the role of Navalny.


                And my heart is beating.

                Vera: I

                mean, in fact, only Navalny really fought for power with Putin.

                The rest are ready to take on various functions, but they do not have such ambitions and understanding.

                And now they have to do something.

                Also on Leonid Volkov's "digital duck": how the head of Navalny's headquarters collecting donations lives in Vilnius


                Do they have tanks?

                Like in the 90s.

                Nothing else will help.




                Then that's it.

                Vera: The

                opposition has no military force.


                Then it won't work.

                Or there should be such sanctions against Russia from Europe and the United States so that they force Navalny to release.


                It seems to me that he will be released.


                But in general, this will not change the situation in Russia.

                  When asked to comment on RT, Vera Musaelyan refused to drain her correspondence into the network. 

                  “No need to worry about me, thank you very much, all the best,” replied the wife of Ilya Yashin.

                  * "Right Sector" - a Ukrainian association of radical nationalist organizations, recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of Russia (decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 11/17/2014).

                  ** The Open Russia Civic Movement (Open Russia) is an organization whose activities are recognized as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the General Prosecutor's Office of 04/26/2017.