There are proud students who even made a pledge like this for their family, while in the UK, some students say they do not want to go to school and are sharing methods of manipulating the corona test results.

A cotton swab dipped in lemon juice was mixed with the test solution, and a few drops were dropped into the COVID-19 self-test kit, and the result came out positive.

Recently, among young people in the UK, how to get a fake positive test for COVID-19 in this way is being shared.

It's just because I don't want to go to school.

There are several videos on SNS that put the hashtag 'fake corona test' and test positive if fruit juice or soda is poured instead of a sample.

Criticism is pouring in for the actions of immature youths because these events have already taken place in a situation where there is an emergency due to the rapid spread of the delta mutant virus.

Some schools have even sent e-mails to parents asking them to 'watch when their children are tested'.

If you look at the reason for the false positive test, it is presumed that most of the acidic beverages harm the proper hydrogen ion concentration of the self-test kit.