Former Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol said today (8th) that his wife, Kim Gun-hee, was accused of cheating on his doctoral thesis at Kookmin University.

After a meeting with startup founders today, former President Yoon met with reporters and said, "Maybe some organizations and individuals raise objections and this is a problem made at the university..." I did.

Previously, Kookmin University established a Research Ethics Committee and launched an investigation into Kim's 2008 'Research on Fortune Content Development Using Avatar: Focusing on the Development and Market Application of 'Anita'.

When asked about the timing of joining the party with the power of the people, former President Yoon said, "I have told that story many times," and said, "I hope you will focus on the start-up field meeting today."

Regarding the investigation into the Wolsong Unit 1 nuclear power plant, passports such as "I think the prosecution did as much as they wanted to" (Democratic Party Rep. Yoon Geon-young), "Please tell me who persuaded me not to ask for a warrant from Baek Un-gyu" (Kang Ki-jeong, former chief of political affairs at the Blue House), etc. There was also a question about the remarks of the personnel.

Former President Yoon replied, "Each one can freely express his/her position, so I do not need to answer that question."

Regarding the 'theory of abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family' raised by some opposition parties, former President Yoon said, "I am well aware that many people have great concerns." said.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Correspondents)