Camilla Svensson, who actually lives in Gothenburg, was in Skellefteå to visit a relative.

When they were going back, Länstrafiken in Västerbotten could not lend a car seat on the bus journey between Skellefteå and Umeå.

She was asked to bring her own car seat instead.

- It is completely impossible for me to go alone with children, packing and car seat all the way to Gothenburg.

Their solution was that bus goods would take my car seat back to Skellefteå but they close at 18.00 and I arrive at Umeå at 19.20, and that it would cost 666 kronor, she says.

Länstrafiken is looking for a solution

Today, Länstrafiken has no solution to the problem of car seats on the county's bus lines.

According to them, it is difficult to provide seats for children of different ages on all buses, but the hope is that it will be easier to travel with your child in the future.

- There are special seats that can be used for the children.

We have it on line 45 between Östersund and Gällivare and will get to the buses on the Norrland coast and the E12 further ahead, says Harriet Söder, CEO of Länstrafiken Västerbotten.

In the clip, you hear more about car seats on Länstrafiken's buses.