(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Overseas Taiwanese: I feel very lucky to be vaccinated in China

  China News Service, Beijing, July 8 (Liu Likun) Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said in response to inquiries on the 6th that according to incomplete statistics, up to now, more than 1.7 million overseas Chinese citizens have been assisted in vaccinating the new crown vaccine in more than 160 countries. Including thousands of Taiwanese compatriots.

Recently, many overseas Taiwan compatriots expressed that they are very grateful to the embassy abroad for their assistance in vaccination and feel very lucky to be able to administer the vaccine under the severe situation of the epidemic.

  The "Spring Seed Operation" was launched in Ukraine on April 26. Chen Guanhan, a Taiwan compatriot studying at the Kyiv National Linguistic University, received a notice from the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine.

With the assistance of the embassy, ​​he was successfully vaccinated with Kexing vaccine.

  Chen Guanhan said that under the severe situation of the Ukraine epidemic, he was very lucky to be able to administer the vaccine. He thanked the embassy in Ukraine for the meticulous arrangement and his family in Taipei was also very relieved.

  Zhang Rong's family has lived in Sri Lanka for more than two years.

Due to the epidemic, she did not return to Taiwan for more than a year.

She said that she was very honored to be vaccinated in Sri Lanka, "Thank you for your care and care for overseas Taiwanese compatriots."

  After Chad launched the "Spring Seed Operation" on June 5, many Taiwanese in Chad took the initiative to contact the Chinese Embassy in Chad, expressing their wish to get vaccinated.

The embassy included them in the scope of vaccination in a timely manner and provided assistance in registration and other links.

After completing the vaccination, Taiwan compatriots expressed their gratitude to the embassy for its help.

  "There are a lot of people on the scene, and the staff are all Chinese who can speak Chinese, and there are Chinese signs everywhere, which is very convenient." On July 5, Taiwan compatriot Ms. Lin received a domestic vaccine in Manila, the Philippines through the "Spring Miao Action".

  Ms. Lin said that she lives in the Philippines and may need a vaccination certificate for future departures, so she hopes to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

However, the number of vaccines in the Philippines is limited. If there is a queue according to the order of the local government, Taiwan does not provide channels for vaccinating Taiwan compatriots overseas.

She is very grateful to the mainland for helping overseas Taiwan compatriots.

  Thailand opened up foreigners to apply for vaccination in June, but it is still in the registration stage, and there are restrictions on age requirements and chronic diseases.

According to Shi Han, a Taiwan compatriot who studied at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, many local Taiwanese businessmen have been vaccinated through the "Spring Seed Operation".

  Since March 2021, Mauritius has seen a rebound of the epidemic. After communication and consultation between the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius and the Mauritian government, the "Spring Seed Operation" was officially launched on May 11. Two Taiwanese crew members who were fishing in the Mao Sea were vaccinated with the assistance of the embassy. They said, "The two sides of the strait are one family, and they are proud of being vaccinated in China and proud of being Chinese." (Finish)