An exhibition introducing products using AI = artificial intelligence was held in Shanghai, China, and while the Chinese government is working to foster industry nationwide, each company is promoting cutting-edge technology.

The exhibition will start on the 8th in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and more than 300 Chinese companies are exhibiting.

Of these, companies that develop voice recognition technology can instantly convert voice into characters when they speak Chinese into a microphone, and at the same time, it is translated into seven languages ​​such as English, Japanese, and Russian. I was introducing the system.

In addition, a company that has a tie-up with a major Japanese automobile manufacturer over technical cooperation for autonomous driving exhibited unmanned taxis that have already been introduced on a trial basis in some areas of southern Guangdong Province, and technology It was appealing for its high power.

In addition, each company promoted cutting-edge technology, such as introducing a system that analyzes images from surveillance cameras to determine whether employees are working properly in factories and other facilities.

The Chinese government has planned to raise the AI ​​industry to the world's top level by 2030, and is cultivating it nationwide, and competition with the United States and other countries is intensifying.