"We can't even keep our land

I can't keep my children

What on earth do we do"

"There must be one person in each family

Come and manage Babusha well"

"When I die

Find a place closer to Babusha

I am dead

I can still see the forest of Babusha"

August 2019

General Secretary Xi Jinping

emphasized when

inspecting the

Babu Sand Forest Farm



"With our socialist motherland

Keep getting rich and strong

At this stage we need to take care of bigger things


ecological protection and ecological civilization

You set an example here

The Fool of the New Era

To learn from you

Make our country a better place

The mountains and rivers are better"

Forty years

From the yellow sand to the desert flowers blooming

For Gansu Babu Sand Forest Farm

Well-off dream is green dream

Green dream is well-off dream

  Director system丨Luo Hongbing and Wang Shanshan

  Producer丨Geng Zhimin Ma Lijun

  Reporter丨Li Jinghui

  Camera丨Ding Zi Chen Yizhe

  Editing丨Xu Li

  Packaging丨Zhou Qijia

  Toning丨Xia Xiaojun

  Sound Editor丨Li Mingrui

  Coordinator丨Yang Bo Liu Xiao

  Cooperation丨Gansu TV News Center

  Rong Media Center, Taigulang County, Wuwei