Warmer-than-usual weather will continue well into the autumn, according to a recent seasonal forecast from the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

Foreca informs.

The three-month medium-term forecast runs from August to the end of October.

The warmest of late summer and early autumn is in the southern and western parts of the country, where it can be on average up to a degree warmer than normal autumn weather.

Further east, the weather deviates from normal by about half a degree.

A large high-pressure area is forecast for Central Europe in late summer, which will also provide enough heat for Finland.

According to Foreca, high temperatures can occur in August.

- So you can expect still warm periods in the late summer, although statistically the weather will start to cool down as autumn approaches, Foreca says in its release.

The high pressure that replaces Central Europe also ensures that the rains travel around Finland in August.

Both late summer and early autumn can become drier than normal throughout northern Europe.

As Europe's high pressure moves further south, low pressures with rainfall in Finland will increase.

According to Foreca, the situation would hit September.

- In September, rainfall is expected to increase slightly in this outlook, although it will remain closer to normal conditions in early autumn in the forecast, says Foreca.

By September, thermal conditions would also appear to be leveling off closer to normal, but the forecast still remains slightly warmer than average.

According to the forecast, it is not excluded that heat waves could still be felt even in September, at least in the southern parts of the country.

- There is still a journey until October and forecasting until then becomes more challenging.

However, in the seasonal forecast, October will be drier and slightly warmer in northern Europe than at the time.