News 1+1丨An epidemic situation in Ruili, Yunnan, is it difficult to prevent and control the border?

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  Yunnan Ruili released information that on July 4, three more local confirmed cases were found, all of which were in the area of ​​Jiejiao.

Initiating Level III response to public health emergencies, closing the channel from Ruili, carrying out nucleic acid testing for all employees... After the outbreak, Ruili related prevention and control measures have been carried out in an orderly manner.

How is Ruili's current situation?

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Ruili's 3 new cases of local diagnosis are all in the Jiejiao District, the circulation work is still going on

Headquarters reporter Liu Wenjie:

The three new local confirmed cases in this round of the epidemic were all in the Jiejiao border trade zone in Ruili City. The permanent population of Jiejiao District is about 15,000. Neighbor, only a few hundred meters away from Muse’s city center.

Jiejiao Bridge has been banned today. In principle, people in the Jiejiao area are not allowed to enter or leave.

At present, 3 cases are under treatment. Whether there is any connection between them, there is no final result of the circulation. Now the circulation work is still in progress, and the final result may take some time.

Compared with the previous two rounds of the epidemic, the lives of Ruili citizens in this round of the epidemic have not been greatly affected

Headquarters reporter Liu Wenjie:

We can see that the order of the entire city is still relatively good. For example, where I am now, the merchants are open for business normally, and many citizens come here to shop and shop. Of course, everyone must wear masks and have to Scan the local QR code for epidemic prevention and control, and only those who meet the relevant regulations can enter.

In addition, urban taxis, takeaways, etc. are also operating normally. It can be said that everyone's lives have not been affected too much, and the atmosphere is not as tense as the previous epidemic.

Difficult border prevention and control in Ruili, Yunnan

  Compared with the previous two epidemics, Ruili's response was tense and orderly this time.

However, there are three local epidemics in a year, and people still have to ask questions. Why is Ruili again?

What is the difficulty of Ruili's border prevention and control?

Where is Ruili's border prevention and control difficult?

Yu Chuanhua, a professor at the School of Public Health of Wuhan University:

Ruili is located in the southwestern border of China with a border of 169.8 kilometers. Residents of China and Myanmar live and live and trade frequently across the border between Ruili and Myanmar. Take strict precautions against overseas The input pressure is relatively high, and a lot of manpower and material resources must be invested.

In addition, the epidemic situation in the surrounding Southeast Asia is still relatively serious, so the import pressure of foreign defense is also very high.

What are the recommendations for epidemic prevention and control at border ports?

Yu Chuanhua, a professor at the School of Public Health of Wuhan University:

1. The immigration of people in the border areas is very large, and activities such as doing business, traveling, and visiting relatives are frequent. Therefore, we must strengthen the statistics of relevant personnel.

2. To further strengthen prevention and control, internal defense rebound and external defense input must not be relaxed.

3. The most effective measures are to control the source of infection, cut off the route of transmission, and protect the susceptible population. We have developed experience.

Therefore, residents on the border must wear masks, maintain social distancing, wash hands frequently, strengthen exercise, and enhance immunity.