A person traveling on the cruise ship Silja Serenade on June 24 has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

With the detected infection, on June 26, Tallink Silja urged everyone on the cruise to monitor their condition and possible symptoms by text message.

Last Saturday, however, the company changed its guidelines.

Now Tallink Silja invites everyone on a Serenade cruise on 24-26.

passengers who were in June to apply for a corona test.

According to Marika Nöjd, Tallink Silja's Director of Communications, according to Nöjd, the ship has had several exposures, but Tallink Silja does not have an accurate estimate of the total amount.

The passenger's positive corona test result came after the voyage, when the first message was sent immediately to those who traveled on the ship.

According to Nöjd, the first message was part of the company's normal practice, but the changed guidelines on Saturday are based on the authority's recommendation.

- The infectious disease doctor has told us to do this.

All such messages will be sent at the request of either the THL or the Epidemiology Unit.

They have stated that everyone should be tested to find a number of potential asymptomatic carriers, Nöjd says.

According to Nöjd, the new message was also sent because the authority's call to justify a free corona test in many municipalities is also asymptomatic.

- In Helsinki, asymptomatic people also get a free test, but not all Finnish municipalities have this practice. If an applicant for the test can show that the authority has requested to take the test, then the test is also available free of charge, Nöjd says.