• Migrants: 43 drowned in a shipwreck off the coast of Tunisia, they came from Libya

  • Migrants: another 99 landed in Lampedusa, 400 in the hotspot

  • Migrants: empty boat found in the waters of Sciacca, research in progress


05 July 2021 They continue to go to sea in search of a better life, also because of the good weather, but many do not make it and it is often a matter of luck.

At least 21 bodies of drowned migrants have been found in the sea off Sfax, Tunisia, most likely coming from Libya.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Tunisian Coast Guard, specifying that the migrants were on board a boat that most likely sank between 2 and 4 July. Too often makeshift boats. 

Another 50 were luckier and were instead rescued by the Coast Guard. 

The director of the local civil protection, reports the news agency Tap, "believes it probable that the migrants drowned relatively long ago, given the condition of the corpses". According to the head of the Tunisian Red Crescent in Medenine, the bodies could be linked to the latest shipwreck that occurred near the Tunisian coast between 2 and 4 July last, with 43 missing.