Christian Pulisic, 22, from Chelsea, London, who plays in the English Premier League, has enjoyed his summer holiday in Florida.

The American Pulisic released a very questionable video on his Instagram.

In the video, Pulisic bounces the ball with his feet while sitting on the edge of the boat.

Meanwhile, a large striped sea bass is caught on the hook next to the boat.

When Pulisic’s grip on the side of the boat dissolves, he falls directly on top of the fish.

- Life was bustling in my eyes.

What a day at sea!

Pulisic has written his video.

A lot of condemning comments rained down on Pulisic’s publication.

And no wonder, because the striped sea bass, or the eastern border, is a highly endangered species.

It has been a protected species in the United States since 1990, eight years before the birth of Pulisic.

Among others, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet writes that the International Union for Conservation of Nature has defined the striped sea bass as an “acutely endangered” species.

Its total closure came into force in U.S. waters in 1990 and in the Caribbean in 1993.

“Bullying an endangered striped sea bass because of a social media video is a new bottom line,” the Blue Blanet Society wrote on Twitter.

Instagram video published by Pulisic below.

Many commentators on social media hoped that Chelsea would intervene in Pulisic’s activities.

- Fish park.

I can’t believe you post this kind on social media, it was criticized on Instagram.

The video has been commented on by laughter emoticons from Pulisic's teammates in Chelsea, Thiago Silva and Marcos Alonso, as well as Sergino Dest.

The striped sea bass can grow to 2.5 meters and weigh up to 360 pounds.

They tend to move in large groups, returning to the same places each year, making them vulnerable to mass fishing.

According to regulations from the Florida Fisheries and Conservation Unit, the fisherman must release the sea bass immediately back into the water, alive and unharmed, Aftonbladet writes.