Hockey legend Teemu Selänne appreciates joint years with Sirpa.

In a couple of weeks, they will have their 25th wedding anniversary, and in total they have been together for over 30 years.

- It's a big deal.

Especially today, when you feel like people are resigning too often and sometimes too easily.

Can be proud and happy to have found a spouse to be happy with.

That is the most important thing, Teemu Selänne told IS in the Bermuda Kannu tennis tournament on Saturday.

It would be nice to celebrate the wedding day in some way, but the coronation situation casts a shadow.

- No terrible spectacle is being realized.

After all, we had all sorts of ideas at some point, but when we don’t know how Korona develops.

Sirpa Selänne on Saturday from a beautiful summer day at the Bermuda Jug event.

The tournament also saw Selänte's daughter Veera and Eetu Selänne with her girlfriend.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

Teemu spent his Saturday on the tennis court in the Bermuda Kannu tennis tournament, which is important to him.

He shares his birthday with his twin brother Paavo.

- We have used to celebrate birthdays together.

Last year was, of course, an exception.

And it was an annoying exception, because last summer the duo turned 50 years old.

The intention was to have a big double party, but because of the corona, Teemu and Paavo weren’t even on the same continent on their birthdays.

It was different now.

- Yesterday, Friday, we all gathered together in the morning, because today is Bermuda.

Our parents and children came to the scene and enjoyed the coffee cakes.

We always try to spend a day together in some way.

Teemu Selänne turned 50 on Saturday.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

The corona epidemic has brightened the values ​​of life.

- Everything has become a new perspective: what a person really needs and how important freedom is without restrictions.

Everyone is sure to learn something from this.

Your back believes that there will also be an impact on the business world and thus on the well-being of the entire planet.

- Even the companies have certainly realized that you do not have to fly to every meeting, but have found new ways to make contacts.

Teemu Selänne is involved in the business world.

His best-known businesses include two restaurants around the corner.

- There were 90,000 restaurants in California.

Of those, 30,000 no longer open their doors, which is really sad.

Fortunately, our restaurants are running full of carbon monoxide again, Teemu says.

The Bermuda Jug tennis tournament celebrates its anniversary.

The 40th anniversary gala planned for Kalastajatorppa could not be held any better last year than this time, but the traditional dinner and other evenings took place this time as well, of course in a corona-safe manner.

- It won't be long tonight, Teemu thought in the afternoon.

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