Regarding the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election on the 4th, Prime Minister Suga met with the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political investigation, Shimomura, and agreed that it was a severe result for the Liberal Democratic Party. He expressed his intention to do everything in his power to accelerate coronavirus vaccination.

At the Prime Minister's Office on the afternoon of the 5th, Prime Minister Suga met with Mr. Shimomura, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party's Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, who is the chief adviser of the Liberal Democratic Party. In response to the statement, Prime Minister Suga expressed the same recognition.

On top of that, Prime Minister Suga said, "I just want to hurry up the vaccination. I want to devote myself to creating a situation where as many people as possible can get the vaccine as soon as possible." He expressed his intention to do everything in his power to accelerate vaccination against the new corona virus.

In addition, Mr. Shimomura reported that the new coronavirus has been affecting non-regular workers for a long time, so it is necessary to raise the minimum wage and is proceeding with concrete discussions within the party. Prime Minister Suga responded, "I want you to put it together properly."

Chairman Masatoshi Shimomura "Anxiety and dissatisfaction with measures against corona are voting behavior"

Shimomura, the chairman of the political affairs investigation, told reporters, "I think that many citizens of Tokyo have expressed anxiety and dissatisfaction with the measures against the new coronavirus in their voting behavior. I couldn't see what kind of tournament it would be like, and I take it as annoyance, anxiety, and dissatisfaction that led to unexpectedly severe results. "