• The ex-spouse of the victim stabbed Friday in Bordeaux is suspected of the murder.

  • He was heard in police custody.

  • He says he wanted to explain himself with her and that he has a "black hole" at the time of the altercation.

The body of his fatally stabbed ex-spouse was found at his Bordeaux home on Friday morning.

A tribute was paid to the young woman this Sunday in front of her accommodation.

Mickaël F was taken into custody where he explained that he was hiding in a lean-to part of the night from Thursday to Friday "wearing gloves and having prepared things in a backpack", specifies the parquet floor in a press release on Monday.

At 8:30 am, the young woman took the little one to school, on his return around 8:45 am, he threw himself on her once the front door was open to "have an explanation with her".

" A black hole "

According to his account, the victim fled into the kitchen to grab a knife and threaten him. "He would have managed to control her by pinning her to the ground, would have in turn seized the knife and, astride her, would have" woken up from a black hole "to realize a few minutes after that he was covered in blood and the victim too. "

After spending a few moments on the scene he left home when he consumed alcohol and CBD. The results of toxicological analyzes will confirm this point since there will appear a level of 1.87 grams of alcohol in the blood and a high level of THC.

On the motive of his gesture, Mickaël F. has clearly and on several occasions expressed his anger against his ex-companion "whom he accuses of having lied on several occasions by imputing to him facts which he considers never to have committed such as domestic violence and vehicle theft.


The decision of the family court judge to grant sole custody to the mother of the child, then the placement under judicial supervision after the incidents of telephone harassment also affected him greatly.

“The procedure that she was able to undertake in March to obtain a protection order would have fueled his despair and ended up convincing him that his ex-partner refusing any dialogue with him, he could only manage to discuss with her. surprising it as he had used it, ”the statement said.

He was being indicted Sunday for murder by a person being or having been a spouse.


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