What is the effectiveness of the vaccine you received against the Indian Delta strain of the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, and what is the latest data on the spread of this strain?

We start with Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, who told Bloomberg, "All vaccines seem to work against the delta variant."

Even among the rare cases in which vaccinated people develop a delta strain, she says, symptoms are usually mild. "Vaccinated people shouldn't be concerned about the delta variant," she says.

The following is the effectiveness of vaccines against the Delta strain of the Corona virus, and these are approximate numbers based on the latest data, and may change later:

AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine

Two doses of AstraZeneca vaccine provide 92% effective protection against Delta strain.

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

A recent study showed that the Pfizer vaccine was 84% ​​effective against the Delta strain after two doses, but only 34% effective after the first dose, according to a report on the NBC Boston website.

Moderna Vaccine

Moderna Corporation announced that a new study showed that its vaccine also produced promising protection in a laboratory setting against Delta and other strains currently circulating.

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine appears to be 60% effective against the delta variant.

Covaxin Vaccine

The Indian company Bharat Biotech said, on Saturday, that the third phase trials of its Covaccin vaccine showed that it provides 65.2% protection against infection with the Delta strain.

The vaccine also showed an efficacy of 77.8% against symptomatic infection.

In general, studies have shown that available vaccines work against new strains, including Delta strain, and that all two-dose vaccines provide significantly greater protection after their second dose.

2 doses

And the European Medicines Agency announced, last Thursday, that it appears that two doses of an anti-Covid vaccine protect against the delta mutant of the emerging coronavirus, which is rapidly spreading, according to Deutsche Welle.

The agency's official in charge of vaccine strategy, Marco Cavalieri, said during a press conference that the Amsterdam-based agency "is aware of the concerns caused by the rapid spread of the delta mutant."

He added, "Currently, it appears that the four vaccines approved by the European Union protect against all the mutants circulating in Europe, including the delta mutant."

He stressed that "realistic evidence data show that two doses of the vaccine protect against the delta mutant."

The optimistic information comes at a time when the World Health Organization has warned that the mutant, detected for the first time in India, could cause a new wave of infections in Europe.

"There will be a new wave in the European region, unless we remain disciplined," the director of the World Health Organization in Europe, Hans Kluge, stressed during an online press conference.

In response to a question about the concern related to the recent European Cup soccer matches as cases are increasing in the organized cities (London, Baku and St Petersburg), the World Health Organization called on the Europe branch to track fans better and not only in the stadiums.

The four vaccines approved by the European Union are: Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, AstraZeneca-Oxford and Johnson & Johnson.

Fears of a new wave of the Covid epidemic with the spread of the Delta

The possibility of a new wave of "Covid-19" raises concerns with the spread of the mutated Delta strain of the Corona virus, which has killed about 4 million people in the world since its appearance at the end of last December, while the epidemic recorded an acceleration during this week in all regions of the world. Except for Latin America.

"Delta" hit hard Russia, which on Saturday expressed its regret for setting a new record in the number of daily deaths for the fifth consecutive day.

She said that 697 people died within the 24 hours, while the number of new infections reached 24,439, the largest since mid-January.

The Covid epidemic has reactivated since mid-June in this country with a slow vaccination campaign, although the Kremlin has ruled out the idea of ​​imposing a closure.

Elsewhere in Europe, Portugal, which is also facing a mutated delta, decided to re-impose a night curfew from Friday in 45 regions, including the capital, Lisbon.

About half of Portugal's 10 million people are subject to the ban.

For her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her concern Friday about the number of spectators allowed to attend the semi-finals and final of the European Football Championship in Britain, where the number of injuries to the delta mutator is rising.

In Italy, 300 health care providers have taken legal measures to abolish the obligation of medical and health workers to receive a vaccine against "Covid-19", Italian media reported.

In France, pressure is mounting to compel all health care workers to receive vaccinations.

The situation is very worrying in Africa, where the World Health Organization has warned that "all records recorded at the previous peaks of the epidemic" have been exceeded.

South Africa, the country most affected by the new coronavirus on the continent, recorded a record 24,000 new infections on Friday, bringing the total to more than two million, according to official figures.