Georgia: Pride week interrupted by counter-demonstrators of the Orthodox Church

This Monday could be a very tense day in Tbilisi: opponents of the LGBT + cause have promised to organize a counter-demonstration to the “pride march”, scheduled for Monday afternoon (illustrative image).

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This month of June is said to be the month of “pride” for the LGBT cause.

All over the world, events are organized to defend sexual tolerance, freedom and equality of guidance.

In Georgia, a series of events were scheduled between July 1 and 5.

From the first day, counter-demonstrators, notably from the Orthodox Church, violently attacked people who had come to attend the screening of a film relating the difficulties of being homosexual in the country.


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With our correspondent in Tbilisi


Régis Genté

Monday could be a very tense day in Tbilisi.

Opponents of the LGBT + cause, be it the Orthodox Church or various far-right or traditionalist movements, have promised to organize a counter-demonstration to the “pride march”, scheduled for Monday July 5 in the afternoon.

This is reminiscent in Georgia of the

very dark day against homophobia of May 17, 2013

, when 20,000 people mobilized by the church and small traditionalist groups had pursued in the streets of the Georgian capital a handful of LGBT activists, in an atmosphere of pogrom.

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This July 1, for the first event of this “pride week” in Georgia, the same people gathered in front of a cinema where the documentary film

The March of Honor was shown

, recounting the many problems facing minorities. sex in this small country of 3.7 million people.

They copiously insulted the guests, including ambassadors from Western countries, and threw eggs at them, despite the imposing police lines.

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