With the emergence of a dangerous and mysterious disease, Australia decides to prevent cats from taking to the streets

A council in Australia decided to ban cats for 24 hours in an attempt to protect wildlife, coinciding with the emergence of a dangerous and mysterious disease.

The controversial move by Knox City Council in Melbourne, Australia, has drawn criticism from some locals who believe the rule is unfair.

Under regulations that take effect on October 1, pet owners in Knox, Australia will have to keep their cats indoors all day.

The legislation states that cats must be kept in the property, garage or shed and are only allowed into the yard if there is a cat-resistant fence.

Cats will be prevented from trespassing on other people's property and guards will roam around to pick up any roving breeds of cats they find in town.

Pet owners who break the rules can face heavy fines or court action, and the council said the rule was introduced to protect both cats and local wildlife.

The council's website states: "Cats can still go out of the house as long as they stay on your property."

"Like the rules for dogs and other pets, cats will not be allowed to roam freely outside their owners' property," said Lisa Cooper, Mayor of Knox City Council.

She also added, "When cats are allowed to roam, they are more likely to get sick and injured."

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