The British Medical Association, the union for doctors in the United Kingdom, is calling on the British government to reconsider the release of the corona measures on July 19.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday that the government intends to release all corona measures on July 19.

The so-called 'Freedom Day' was already postponed to that date last month due to the increase in the number of new corona infections.

On Thursday, however, Johnson said the British people may need to continue to take some precautions, without giving details.

The doctors fear a revival of COVID-19 and argue that the mask obligation should also be maintained after July 19.

There must also be a renewed focus on properly ventilating rooms.

The doctors' call comes after a sharp rise in the number of infections in the United Kingdom.

More than 27,000 new cases were reported on Friday.

The vast majority of these are attributed to the highly contagious delta variant.

“These data, combined with some increases in hospital admissions, suggest that from the public health interest, it would be quite wrong to lift all restrictions on July 19 or to give the public the expectation that we will have a pre-COVID-19- society where no one has to take measures to prevent the spread," Dr Chaand Nagpaul of the doctors' organization told

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