This Friday morning, a 30-year-old woman was found stabbed with a stab at her home in Bordeaux, in the Saint-Augustin district.

The weapon was found there.

Her ex-husband, aged 36, was not present when the emergency services arrived but was arrested at the end of the morning at his home in Mérignac, a few hundred meters from the victim's home, where he was arrested. was entrenched, also said this police source.

Public Security and Raid personnel intervened and no injuries were to be deplored.

"Known for acts of domestic violence"

This man "is known for acts of domestic violence, among others," said the same source, according to which the victim and the accused have a child who was not present on the scene at the time of the facts.

According to another police source, the victim was shot in the neck and the suspect admitted the facts when the police arrived at his home.

He was taken into police custody Monday, June 28, for telephone harassment targeting his ex-wife.

Their dispute was over custody rights for their four-year-old daughter.


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