China News Service, July 2nd. According to, the Australian government held a meeting on July 2 to discuss vaccine promotion and the number of arrivals, and made corresponding adjustments, including reducing the upper limit of international arrivals by half and proposing 4 Stage anti-epidemic plan to promote vaccination.

On June 26, local time, Sydney, Australia, there were few passengers in Central Station, and the staff sat on benches.

The maximum number of international arrivals has been cut in half

  According to reports, at the time of the cabinet meeting, nearly half of Australia was still under lockdown to deal with the spread of the community epidemic.

  Australian Prime Minister Morrison announced after the meeting that the number of international tourists allowed to enter Australia will temporarily be halved to approximately 3,000 per week.

Morrison said that this decision will ease the pressure on quarantine facilities, considering the highly infectious nature of the delta mutant virus.

  Morrison also said that the federal government will increase the convenience of commercial evacuation flights to reduce the impact of lowering the upper limit of the number of people returning to Australia.

He said: "We will strengthen our work in this area to continue to maintain the speed of returning people to our country."

  According to the report, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia are all pushing to reduce the number of arrivals because they fear that there will be further outbreaks and blockades.

The government agrees to the 4-stage anti-epidemic plan

  In this meeting, the government agreed to a four-stage plan, that is, once the Australians have been vaccinated with enough vaccines, the country will step out of trying to contain the spread of the epidemic.

  According to reports, after the approval of the "Australia's New Agreement on Response to the Epidemic", the vaccinated people will be relaxed, and each new stage will be determined by different levels of universal vaccination rates.

  Morrison said the agreement aims to end the blockade and travel restrictions.

He said: "If you get vaccinated, you will change the way of life in our country."

  The plan includes commitments to pilot other quarantine programs, such as a home quarantine policy for travelers returning to Australia who have been vaccinated.

(Wei Wei)