The Trump Organization in turmoil.

The CFO of Donald Trump's family group presented himself Thursday to the Manhattan prosecutor's office to be charged there.

This indictment has been awaited for several days as part of an investigation opened more than two years ago into possible embezzlement within this unlisted company, which includes golf clubs, luxury hotels and other real estate properties.

Allen Weisselberg, a discreet 73-year-old man who is loyal to the former Republican president's faithful, could be charged with tax offenses relating to benefits in kind he would have received without having declared them to the tax authorities, according to anonymous sources cited by the

New York Times

and The

Wall Street Journal


The prosecutor's office did not immediately confirm this information.

"An attempt to harm the former president"

According to anonymous sources quoted by several media, Allen Weisselberg and the legal person that is the Trump Organization will be indicted on Thursday, and the indictment will be made public Thursday afternoon. Donald Trump himself, who has always qualified this investigation as a vast “witch hunt”, should not be implicated at this stage of the investigation, nor any member of his family, according to the same sources.

For its part, the Trump Organization denounced Thursday the indictment of Allen Weisselberg as "an attempt to harm former president" Donald Trump.

"It's not justice, it's politics," said a spokesperson for the family business of the ex-Republican president and ex-New York tycoon, in a statement quoted by several American media.

"The Manhattan district attorney is launching lawsuits relating to employee benefits that neither the tax authorities nor any other attorney would consider launching," he added.


Trump organization and CFO indicted, charges unveiled Thursday


United States: The company of the ex-president, the Trump Organization, is targeted by a criminal investigation

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