Currently, vaccination is being carried out in phase 4 by private vaccinators for everyone over the age of 18, but when everyone can be fully vaccinated is unclear.

- It depends on the vaccine deliveries, says Lena Andersson Nazzal, vaccine coordinator in Region Kronoberg.

With phase 3 completed in the county, the health centers' vaccination work has been completed and the external actors have taken over.

Among people over the age of 65, almost 90 percent have now been vaccinated with two doses.

- The staff of the health centers have made a huge effort.

They have been vaccinated at the same time as they are responsible for all sampling and the regular activities.

We are now handing over responsibility for phase 4 to the private actors, says Mikael Johansson (M), chairman of the regional board.

Up to and including 30 June, a total of 69,163 people in Kronoberg County had received both vaccine shots against covid-19.

That is, everyone who wants and can get vaccinated and who is included in phase 1, 2 and 3. As well as healthcare staff who are included in phase 4.

- The vaccinations have worked very well at our health centers, and we see that the willingness to vaccinate has been and continues to be high, says Lena Andersson Nazzal.