China News Service, Beijing, July 1st. Title: Why can the Communist Party of China and the millennia of well-off society "meet" today?

  China News Agency reporter Liang Xiaohui

  Hundred years and millennia "meet" at this moment of time.

  On July 1, 2021, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, the top leader of the Communist Party of China, solemnly declared: We have built a well-off society on the land of China in an all-round way.

  From the "people who work hard and a well-off society" in the "Book of Songs" more than two thousand years ago, to this moment, a moderately prosperous society has been established in an all-round way.

  How can one hundred years and millennia "meet"?

  Tracing back to the source, this began with a nation's relay that lasted for thousands of years.

Since the "Book of Songs", Confucianism "is a well-off society", "a world of great harmony", "a paradise" in the Southern and Northern Dynasties, and "a well-off society" in the Ming Dynasty... After experiencing governance and chaos, China has been in this ideal state for more than two thousand years It has never been truly realized for long.

  In modern times, China, with internal and external troubles, has made "well-off" a luxury.

However, the times have never shackled the yearning of those with lofty ideals-Liang Qichao's "Xiong Fei Era", Li Dazhao's "Youth Country", and Fang Zhimin's "Lovely China" that some people sigh with emotion: Today is a well-off society. Isn’t the China that they were fighting for at that time?

  History has always moved forward. The CCP has taken the baton of "well-off" and transformed it from an ideal concept of "poetry and distance" into a political party's governing goal, and refined it into a set of operational plans that can be implemented. .

  In 1979, when Deng Xiaoping met with foreign guests, he used the expression "well-off home" for the first time to refer to "Chinese-style modernization."

  This expression combined with traditional culture became the beginning of the concreteization of "well-off" in the minds of the CCP.

Since then, "well-off" has been used to describe a certain level of Chinese-style modernization.

Deng Xiaoping then put forward "to build a well-off society in China by the end of this century", which became the first time goal set by the CCP for a "well-off society".

  In the following decades, the CCP scientifically divided and adjusted the task of building a "well-off society" into three main stages: after long-term efforts to achieve "people's living standards have reached a well-off level"; on the basis of an overall well-off society, "enter comprehensive construction" The stage of development of a well-off society"; on the basis of all-round construction, we have entered a new historical period of building a well-off society in an all-round way.

  The CCP attaches great importance to the realization of this goal and closely links it with its own growth.

The CCP clearly stated that by the 100th anniversary of the founding of our party, a higher level of well-off society will be built that will benefit more than one billion people.

Since then, this goal has been included in the "Two Centenary Goals" by the CCP and has become the "first centenary goal" well-known to the outside world.

  However, the status quo of nearly 100 million people living in poverty in China at that time became a "hard bone" in realizing the dream of a well-off society.

  "If a well-off society is not a well-off society, the key depends on the villagers, and the key lies in whether the poor villagers can get rid of poverty," Xi Jinping emphasized.

  To this end, the CCP launched an 8-year "battle" that declared war on poverty, and finally completed a miracle that has never been seen in human history: it lifted nearly 100 million people out of poverty in a very short period of time.

  "Our country has achieved a comprehensive victory in the battle against poverty... has completed the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty," Xi Jinping solemnly declared in February this year.

  Today, when celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping declared once again: We have achieved the first century-old goal, built a well-off society on the land of China, historically solved the problem of absolute poverty, and are moving towards a comprehensive spirit. The second centenary goal of building a modern and powerful socialist country is striving forward.

  A hundred years and a thousand years can "meet" at this moment of time.

  In fact, in one hundred years, the great dream that the Chinese Communist Party has accomplished is more than a "well-off"?

  Achieved a historic breakthrough from a relatively backward productivity to the second largest economy in the world, with a per capita GDP exceeding 10,000 US dollars, stabilizing the ranks of upper-middle-income countries; solving the absolute poverty of the millennium, abolishing the agricultural taxes for the millennium, and realizing the millennium "Flying" dreams, realizing the 100-year Olympics, and building Xiongan's millennium plan... As Xi Jinping described, the CCP: "Our understanding of time is not based on ten years or a hundred years, but a hundred years and millennia. "

  But this political party is so "squatting the day and night". After making up her mind and making scientific plans, she always races against time and time does not wait.

Because of this, the CCP has been able to lead China on a "dream journey" since its establishment.

  But this still does not seem to be enough to explain why the CCP seems to be tirelessly chasing dreams?

  Seventy-five years ago, two American journalists visited China’s red zone and came to the conclusion that the Communist Party did not use any magic. They only knew the changes that the people wanted and used their will to evoke unimaginable power. .

  Today, this conclusion still applies. In Xi Jinping’s words, the people’s yearning for a better life is our goal.

  And a hundred years ago, the CCP had already answered something earlier--

  Not far from the west side of Tiananmen Square where the celebration meeting was held, the main gate of Zhongnanhai, a line of golden characters seems to freeze the eternity of time.

Are those five words:

  "Serving the people".