• The expert appointed by the administrative court of Bordeaux after the collapse of two buildings believes that there is a significant risk of collapse of adjacent buildings.

  • He validated the security perimeter set up by the town hall, which evacuated 13 buildings in total.

  • Security work is quickly requested from the private owners of the buildings concerned.

A week after the collapse of two 16th century buildings at n ° 19 and 21 rue de la Rousselle in Bordeaux on the night of June 20 to 21, we know the opinion of the expert appointed by the administrative court in the request of the town hall.

After a diagnosis, in particular carried out using a drone, he points to a proven risk of other collapses while validating the security perimeter set up by the city.

A total of thirteen buildings were evacuated as a precaution.

An imminent risk identified

"The two adjoining buildings at 19 and 21 rue de la Rousselle (17, 17 bis and 23) carry a very high risk of collapse", reports this Tuesday in the light of the expertise Stéphane Pfeiffer, Deputy Housing . These buildings have significant cracks and cracks and would threaten to collapse at any time. “In Bordeaux, we have buildings that stand together so when one falls, it weakens those next door. The risk is that the 17 and 23 collapse and bring with them the 15 and 25, by a domino effect, ”adds the elected official.

The expert recommends securing in three phases: this involves shoring up adjoining buildings, then removing the rubble still in place before coming to secure the area more durably. The security work will be controlled by a design office and according to its conclusions the return of evacuees (69 have been identified by the town hall to date) can be organized. Structural diagnostics will be carried out over time, and perhaps other measures will be taken as a function.

The private owners of the housing units concerned have ten days to do the security work and are in the process of discussing whether to use the same company.

“If they don't do it within the allotted time, the city will replace them and send them the bill,” explains Stéphane Pfeiffer.

But for now the city is counting on the goodwill of the owners.

The Minister of Housing requested

We still do not know the causes of the collapse, which will occupy the insurance experts of the owners concerned.

Anticipating this step, the town hall is preparing a study by crossing data concerning vacant buildings, those concerned by a declaration of public utility and those notified to its services.

A letter was also sent to the Minister of Housing to consider "avenues of action" after the scheduled stoppage next year of funding by the national agency for urban renewal (Anru) for the rehabilitation of the old center, which obviously still needs it.


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