This Tuesday, the owner of apartments in an endangered building in downtown Marseille and rented on the Airbnb platform was sentenced to one year in prison.

The criminal court also ordered Abdelfateh Benhalilou, a 61-year-old mason from Marseille, a fine of 10,000 euros and a ban on buying property with a view to renting it for five years.

A fine of 150,000 euros

SARL Marseille Molière, belonging to Abdelfateh Benhalilou and his relatives, owner of this building located on the Place de l'Opéra in the city center, was fined 150,000 euros, an amount withheld, explained the president of the court. Marie-Pierre Attali, with regard to the 138,232 euros of rents “illegally collected” from July 2017 to November 2019.

The court, however, ruled out the confiscation of this building, a measure that the law normally makes mandatory.

This exemption was taken "because of the work carried out" which had enabled the peril to be lifted in May.


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