Thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are causing nuisance in South Limburg.

The police control room receives many calls about flooding in Landgraaf, Kerkrade and Eygelshoven.

"We know that several streets are flooded. The fire brigade and the municipality are busy with this. If there is no life-threatening situation, we request that you do not call 112," the police said on Twitter.

On Twitter you can see images of flooded streets in Eygelshoven.

According to


, the water drags along street furniture and roadblocks.

A gas leak has arisen in the Veldhofstraat in the village.

The emergency services have evacuated a supermarket and a care center in the area as a precaution.

Rail traffic in the region is also affected by the heavy weather.

The train service between Heerlen, Landgraaf and Eygelshoven in the direction of Aachen in Germany has been disrupted, the NS reports.

The KNMI has issued a code yellow due to thunderstorms, which can cause a lot of precipitation locally in a short time, especially in Limburg.

The showers will gradually decrease in the course of the evening, according to the KNMI.


Severe weather in Eygelshoven @NOS @telegraaf @delimburger


AuthorJurianvdCampMoment of places17: 16 - June 29, 2021