Drug trafficking, which supplied the two prison centers in Hérault, Béziers and Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, was dismantled by the police from the Béziers police station, reports prosecutor Raphaël Balland.

Three young women, who had no criminal record, accepted the six-month suspended prison sentence proposed by the prosecution, as part of a prior admission of guilt.

Two men, detained in other proceedings, accepted sentences of 6 and 12 months in prison.

"Several hundred grams of cannabis over a few months"

The investigations began at the end of 2020, when the police were investigating the theft of vehicles and accessories.

They found that some of the defendants were engaged in drug trafficking, which in particular supplied the prisons.

Five people were arrested on June 23 and taken into custody.

"They recognized their participation in drug trafficking of several hundred grams of cannabis over a few months," reports the prosecutor of Béziers.


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