BTS' Butter topped the Billboard chart for 5 weeks in a row. Last week, she became the first Asian singer to reach number one for four weeks in a row, breaking this record again.

Correspondent Kim Jong-won from New York.


BTS set another great record.

BTS, which had already set a new record as an Asian singer at number one on the Billboard Billboard for four weeks in a row last week, maintained the top spot this week as well.

Only 190 songs, including Butter, have been at number one for more than five weeks on the Hot 100, a key leaderboard in Billboard's history.

Like Butter, out of the songs that have been at the top of the chart since their first entry, there are only 11 songs that have been at the top for more than 5 weeks. for the first time.

What stands out is the number of music downloads.

BTS' Butter played a decisive role in maintaining the number one spot on the Billboard chart, with the number of downloads outstripping its competitors, but the number of downloads this week increased by 15% compared to the previous week.

This week alone, the number of downloads reached 130,000, which is 14 times more than the song of 2nd place Olivia Rodrigo, who is called a monster rookie.

In addition, there is a forecast that the live streaming rankings and the number of American radio broadcasters can stay at the top of the Billboard for a longer period of time, surpassing the previous week's records.

BTS also expressed their gratitude to their fan club, ARMY, along with surprising reactions such as 'I'm scared and happy' and 'I'm having a strange experience' on SNS.