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India, and a video of a boy generously handing his toys to a poor boy of the same age who is washing his car on the road has been released and is becoming a hot topic.

A young boy, with a mop in hand, approaches a car waiting for a signal and washes the car.

This is a common sight in India, where a boy in the back seat suddenly lowers the window and handed him his toy.

The boy who receives the toy is happy to play with it for a while and then tries to return it, but the boy in the car handed it another toy and beckons him to just go.

The poor boy then brings a snack and gives it to the boy as a token of his gratitude.

Netizens are applauding, saying that they were touched by the friendship of children who readily gifted their toys and thanked them.

(Screen source: YouTube Best Tiktok PH 2K21)